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i am SAHM mother of 3 girls married too a man of course hehe love to meet others i am deaf yeah thats interesting i have hearing aides though so i aint totally deaf but good to know i can turn them of when i want lmao what eles hmmmm i love being creative and jsut chillin really there not alot i wont try or be open minded about really thats it anything else you just have to ask .. cheers Sonya Pukekohe
Favorite TV Shows:
My Shows Shortland street Ghost Whisperer Bones CSI the original Medium Tourchwood Dr who Jericho Lost Survivor Private Practice Desperate Housewives wipeout home and Away Neighbors need i go on yeah i have no life
Favorite Movies:
Titanic 13 ghost American Haunting The Eye Grudge 1&2 Die hard 40 yr old virgin Sydney White Bring it on (all of them) Cinderella Enchanted The Animal i could go on for yrs really lmao

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